Fuzhou University

Fuzhou university is a national "double first-class" university, a national "211 project" key university, a university jointly built by the people's government of fujian province and the Ministry of Education, and a university jointly built by the people's government of fujian province and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.Founded in 1958, ustc has developed into a key university with a focus on engineering, a combination of science and engineering, and a coordinated development of science, engineering, economics, management, humanities, law and art.




Now the university has 3161 faculty members, 2050 full-time teachers and 21 schools (including one independent school and one chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school).Currently, there are 24164 ordinary students and nearly 10500 postgraduates.The university now has 84 undergraduate majors.39 first-grade master's degree programs and 12 professional degree programs (including 22 engineering master's degree programs);11 first-level doctoral programs and 2 second-level doctoral programs (excluding first-level doctoral programs);Eleven post-doctoral research stations.The university has one national key discipline and one national key discipline (cultivation), and the "chemical science and engineering discipline group" has been selected into the world first-class discipline construction list published by the state. The chemistry discipline has been ranked in the top 1‰ of international ESI disciplines, and three disciplines have been ranked in the top 1% of international ESI disciplines.The comprehensive strength of the university ranks 601-800 in the ranking of authoritative world universities such as American news network, Thames and Shanghai soft science, and 26th-62 in mainland universities.




The university has carried out in-depth cooperation and exchanges with foreign countries, and established cooperative relations with tsinghua university, Peking University, renmin university of China, tianjin university and fujian institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences.It has established cooperative relations with more than 140 universities, research institutes and well-known enterprises in 49 countries and regions.The university is the host institution for Chinese government scholarship international students and is open to international students from nearly 30 countries.More than 95% of schools have overseas visiting programs for students.More than 50 overseas experts and scholars are employed to teach in the school for a long time.The university has one sino-foreign cooperative school, menus international school of engineering, and three sino-foreign cooperative programs covering the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.The school is now a key pilot project of national reform of fuzhou-taiwan cooperation in running schools. The exchange and cooperation with Taiwan has developed in depth, and the two-way joint training mode has become a new highlight of the exchange and cooperation between fuzhou-taiwan education.




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