Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University

Founded in 1958, nearly 50 years ago, Zhejiang A&F University (ZAFU) is a comprehensive university directly under the auspices of Zhejiang Province offering bachelor and master degrees in agriculture, technology, science, literature, management, law, economics, medicine, etc. and enrolling international students as well as students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. ZAFU has 16 teaching schools and 1,500 strong team of staff and faculty, of which 900 are teachers, two are shared academicians, one is elected among the national new century talent pool, two are professors specially engaged by the provincial government, 54 are included in the 151 talent-cultivating program, 18 are discipline leading teachers among the province-wide universities, 195 are qualified to tutor graduates, more than 40 are provincial outstanding teachers, 1 is entitled as prominent teacher in term of professional ethics by the state.



ZAFU recruits students from 24 provinces, municipality and autonomous region. At present, ZAFU has 18,000 full-time students. ZAFU makes persistent and unswerving efforts to produce well- informed, highly-capable, well-cultivated and innovation-minded practical students. Graduates of ZAFU are well received for their diligence, devotion and capability. The first employment rate of undergraduate students is always more than 90% and in the forefront of Zhejiang universities. In 2008, Education Ministry formally evaluated ZAFU as outstanding in term of teaching.  ZAFU promotes international exchange and co-operation and has built up collaborative and academic relationships with 30 universities and academic institutes in more than 10 countries and regions, such as the USA and Canada. ZAFU has also built up sound ties with West Sydney University (Australia) and Alberta University (Canada) in joint education programs. Now 43 foreign experts together with 50 foreign language teachers are teaching and researching in ZAFU on a long-term basis. At present, the university is striding on its way to build an ecologic university with the development strategy of educating ecological philosophy and strengthen the university by innovation.




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