Xuzhou Medical University

Xuzhou Medical College was founded in 1958, is an independent provincial medical colleges and universities. At present, the school is not only a medical colleges and universities in Jiangsu area of Northern Jiangsu Huaihai Economic Zone and the school has a long history,distinctive characteristics, but also in the area of medical education, medical service and medical research center.



School in 2005 to recruit foreign students; in 2013, became a doctoral degree granting units.Through the construction and the development of more than fifty years, undergraduate professional schools have been developed to clinical medicine, anesthesiology, medical imaging, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, public utilities management, biomedical engineering,medical informatics and 20 professional, including medicine, science, engineering, pipe 4major categories; with clinical medicine, biology 2 doctorate level disciplines authorized, clinical medicine, basic medicine, biology, medicine, public health and preventive medicine, 5 Master's degree authorization an academic degree and professional medical authorization, withgraduate exemption right, and a post doctoral scientific research workstation.



At present, the school covers an area of 1200 acres, with 4 campuses, 18 departments (the Department) and the 14 Affiliated Hospital; for the domestic 16 provinces, Hong Kong and Macao regions and foreign enrollment, there are full-time students and more than 11000 people, has initially formed from undergraduate, graduate to post doctoral, from full-time toadult education, education students all-round, multi-level education system. Graduate employment rate has remained at more than 95%, the first graduate student practitioner’s examination pass rate of 100%. In 2005, the school with "excellent" performance by the Ministry of education to assess the level of undergraduate education. Over the past fifty years, our school is based in Jiangsu, radiation throughout the country, service, training a large number of outstanding medical talents for the society, has won wide acclaim from the community.



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